The food. Cookbooks noted, and listed below.

  • Sun: udon hot pot with chicken and shitaake (from Japanese Cooking...)
  • Mon: soba with prawns and tofu in chili sauce (from Wagamama)
  • Tues: udon with prawns, baby bok choy and tofu in tamarind sauce (from Wagamama)
  • Weds: tomato soup and veggie chicken nuggets (dinner fail: shiloh forgot to put a lid on the rice)
  • Thurs: Fukume-Ni (slow cooked shitaake, from Japanese Cooking...)
  • sushi rice - always keeping some in the fridge for meals, and Shiloh has been making onigiri for her school lunches
  • dashi - made a pint each of first and second dashi on sunday, using for various recipes, and miso soup at breakfast

The Books: