Various minor updates this week:

  • Static build: Ted did the first pass of review. Getting close. Will land on the Places branch once binary tests build, to see perf impact.
  • Ben's fastload cache replacement is still waiting on first-review from Ben Smedberg.
  • Neil took up bug 354048 to not rebuild toolbars at startup, should reduce the DOM activity some at least. The patch is in review by Dao and Mano.
  • Marco has nearly completed bug 542943, removing the bookmark redirect hash, which means less SQL at startup and less memory usage by the bookmarks service.
  • I put a patch up on bug 545516 that fixes some bugs and cleans up the layout of the Performance Snapshot. Will get it landed next week.
  • Started working with John O'Duinn and Mike Morgan to get a team together to work on the graph server.