A wise man once said: "only when you think everyone is equal to you, you become different"

I came here to Apache thinking that I was different, that I had better ideas, that I could shape things on my own, and I continued to think that until very recently... but I look around and see a bunch of people that I care about, a bunch of people that I consider friends, a community of equal individuals, in all possible senses.

Only when I saw that I knew what to do: delegate, let go, let others step in, let others understand this by themselves (good software comes out as a byproduct of our path to learn it)

This is my suggestion for all of you, even for you experienced members: delegation scales the community and a bigger community means more value,
more fun, more positive energy. But delegation happens only if you trust, if you consider your fellow community mate equal to you.

When this doesn't happen, friction develops, bottlenecks arise, positive energy turns into negative one.

Just think about it and return on it often: you are never far enough from your ego to be safe.Link