(11:26:57) me: ugh
(11:27:02) me: it'll never end:
(11:27:05) me: "I'm writing an application for the Coast Guard Auxiliary that uses your NUSOAP code.."
(11:27:11) me: the coast guard?
(11:27:13) me: using my code?
(11:27:18) me: our borders are not safe
(11:27:47) him: lol
(11:27:53) him: fix it dude
(11:28:15) me: those php XXXXXXXs have caused me no end of trouble
(11:28:29) me: the php5 soap impl uses a class name that's the same as nusoap
(11:28:40) me: so i get like 5 emails a week, ever since php5 was released
(11:28:46) me: all with this same error
(11:28:52) me: not only that
(11:29:11) me: the latest version of nusoap (2 years ago or whatever) has it fixed!
(11:29:22) me: which means all these people are downloading an old version from somewhere
(11:29:24) me: OR
(11:29:29) me: are only now upgrading to php5!
(11:29:35) me: i XXXXing hate open source
(11:30:18) him: lol
(11:30:21) him: rant over?
(11:30:25) me: yes
(11:30:31) me: i feel much better now