I updated Foxylicious for Firefox 2. It's home at AMO is not yet updated, as it's still awaiting approval. For those who can't wait, I've made it available here.

  • Updated to work with Firefox 2
  • Uses the new secure del.icio.us API endpoint (fixes the auth prompt issue)
  • Fixed some pref handling errors
  • Added configurable post URLs. To load a different posting page, set the foxylicious.postURL to a URL that has %user%, %location% and %title%, for example, the default is: http://del.icio.us/%user%?v=2&noui=yes&jump=close&url=%location%&title=%title
  • Properly localize-able

INSTALL Foxylicious 0.7

Please let me know if you have any problems, regressions, etc.