9:12 argyle: fx3 please
9:13 argyle: fx2 just crashed on me for the 10th time this week
9:13 Dietrich: nightlies are always here: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/
9:13 argyle: ur lucky session restore is there
9:13 Dietrich: i seriously have hundreds of tabs open, no crashes
9:14 Dietrich: one-click bookmarking, tagging, better mem usage, no crashy
9:14 Dietrich: use it
9:14 Dietrich: love it
9:14 Dietrich: actually the killer feature is this:
9:14 Dietrich: url bar autocomplete searches title and url and tags now
9:15 Dietrich: and uses a "frecency" algorithm to bubble up stuff
9:15 argyle: nice
9:15 argyle: me like that
9:15 Dietrich: also shows bookmarked and tagged icons in the dropdown
9:15 Dietrich: i'm serious: i can't use fx2
9:15 Dietrich: because of the url bar changes alone
9:16 Dietrich: it's sooo painful to live without
9:16 Dietrich: that and turning autofill on == dope
9:17 argyle: I shall play with your little fox
9:17 argyle: oh feature request... on camino when I download something it has a "SHOW" button that opens finder to that folder and selects that file
9:17 argyle: u make fix in ff to do
9:18 Dietrich: done
9:18 Dietrich: download manager is completely rewritten
9:19 Dietrich: open dm -> click on the "i" icon next to the download -> it shows the path -> click on the path -> bing, finder opens up to that file
9:19 Dietrich: next please
9:19 argyle: yeaaaaaa
9:19 argyle: u make me feel special
9:20 Dietrich: we did it just 4 u

It got all X-rated after that, I'll spare you.